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i hope you like it!:)

Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for submitting. :)
Submitted by annimakeda

You are such a beautiful and inspiring person. :) I have 7 Dreads now and made them the way you show it in your videos. But I also used a crochet needle to make them tighter. 
Hope to see more of you in the future. And get better soon! ;)

They’re coming along beautifully! :) I’m glad my videos helped, and thank you.
Submitted by fraeuinfledermaus

have a crazy week everyone!!!! keep smiling:))

Love the long dreads and the positivity!

Submitted by dreadindian
6 months ago · 8
ghostorchidd-deactivated2014080 whispered: Hey there, Can i just say you're beautiful! :) I was wondering if it's best to grow out my hair before beginning my dreads with a rip and twist method? (my hair is quite a bit past my shoulders). I cut my hair short near end of last year and regret it so much as it was half way down my back -__-. Thankyou! xx

You can dread it at this length, but your dreads will be shorter than your hair is now. If you are hoping for longer dreads, it would be best to wait and grow your hair out until it’s the length you wish. Good luck!

7 months ago · 2

I have 11 beautiful babies and I can’t wait to dread more. You’re so lovely!

Beautiful, love the beads!
Submitted by slombothegross

Love this shot, so handsome and his dreads are magnificent. :)

Submitted by smokeweednotwar

I finally started making my dreads! I also used your videos as an example and inspiration, because you and your dreads are beautiful! I’d love to hear from you! Greeting from Germany, Hannah.
Looks lovely, can’t wait to see the finished product! Thank you so much and I am glad my videos helped. :)

Submitted by schoelzelh

hueyforever whispered: so, basically i got extremely excited to see that you have followed me back, as well as publishing my submission! you are so beautiful and lovely. I've just followed you on instagram and my love for you just keeps becoming grander! <3

You are so beautiful there was no way I could not. :) Sending much love back to you!

7 months ago · 2

thanks for being such an inspiration!

I’m so glad I could inspire you, your dreads are beautiful and such a magnificent color. Great shot! :)
Submitted by dnbjnglist
7 months ago · 2

My dreads are one month old today your one of the reasons I got them! Love your videos
Beautiful smile, happy one month to your dreads! I wish you the best of luck with them, and so glad I could inspire you. :)
Submitted by Gillian